Nordic & Speed Skate Accessories
Nordic Pro Kit $159
Nordic Home Kit $69
Bont Speedskate Kit $119
Zandstra Speedskate Kit $169
Sharpening Jig Only $10 discount
Sharpening Stones Only $15
Guards & Bags
Nordic Skate Guards $15
Nordic Skate Wrap $15
Nordic Carrying Bag $25
Nordic Skating Backpack $99
Speed Skate Guards $10-$15
Speed Skate Soakers $20
Ice Safety
Ice Claws $18-$20
Nordic Lifeline $30-$35
Nordic Skating Poles $89-$99
Neck Guards $20
Soft Knee Pads $20
Neoprene Boot Covers $40
Professional Sharpening Kit $159
Nordic Skate Professional Sharpening Kit (above & below)
This is the jig we use to sharpen Nordic Skates and Multiskates for our local customers. Jig holds a pair of blades up to 22" long. Keeps blades securely in place and perfectly aligned so you can bring back their original factory-sharp edge. Jig features 2 vertical stops for perfect vertical alignment; and a 4-point clamp system to ensure that blades stay in place during sharpening. Kit also includes a 10-inch double-sided sharpening stone and a deburring stone. Complete Kit (Jig & 2 Stones) $159. Jig only $149.
Domestic ground shipping $15. Alaska $25. Canada $35.
Professional Sharpening Kit $159
Home Sharpening Kit (right)
Jig holds Nordic Skates securely in place for hand sharpening with the double-sided stone. Sharpen your blades once or twice a year for peak performance. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Mount blades diagonally in the jig and begin sharpening with the coarse side of your stone, then finish off with the fine side.
Complete Kit (jig & 2 stones) $69.
Nordic Skates with sharpening jig and stone
Nordic Skate Carrying Bag Nordic Skate Carrying Bag (left) has 2 separate pockets to safely store your Nordic Skates. $25.

Nordic Skate Wrap (below) fastens with velcro around the outside of your blades. Convenient carrying strap. $15.
Nordic Skate Wrap
fastened around Lundhags Cruise ice blades
Patented Elite Nordic Skate Guards (right & below) include two specially-designed
plastic clips and two velcro straps. The clips hold your blades apart to allow air circulation and prevent corrosion. The straps fasten around your blades, making them compact and easy-to-carry. $15.
Elite Nordic Skate Guards fastened around a pair of blades
Close-up of Elite Nordic Skate Guards
Nordic Skate "Soakers" (no photo) have a soft cotton terry lining to wick moisture away from your blades. Thick fleece outer layer protects blades from damage. Elasticized ends hook securely over tip and tail of blade. $20/pair.
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